Yacht Haven Makes the Front Page of the Sun-Sentinel

Yacht Haven Resort and Marina was featured in the Sun-Sentinel, on the front page of Sunday’s edition. The headline read- “High-end RV resorts grow popular amid the housing crunch. Some deem it ‘affordable luxury.’”

The article reported on all the upgrades the park has underwent over the past two years, sharing what it used to look like in comparison to what it is now. The reporter and photographer even paid the resort a visit to tour motorcoaches and interview guests as well as management.

They spoke with Joel and Christine Schaub, here is a snippet from their portion of the article:

“Dubbing themselves “young snowbirds,” the Chicago couple first purchased their RV in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing the RV as an option that would let them escape the harsh Chicago winters and vacation at a time when international travel wasn’t really an option.


Almost three years later, the couple has traveled from coast to coast in their RV, visiting Arizona, New Orleans, Texas, the Florida Keys — and now Yacht Haven Park and Marina.

They started staying at the resort in November 2022, liking the waterfront views it offered and the quick proximity to Fort Lauderdale’s downtown life.

“We can work remotely now,” added Joel. “We own a home in Chicago. We bought the RV and go to resorts like this where you can get out and avoid the snow.”

They aren’t the only ones opting out of a second home and into an RV. One in five leisure travelers has worked from an RV over the past 24 months, and one in four consider doing it in the next year, according to data from the RV Industry Association.”

01-29-2023 Sun Sentinel

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