RVing with Pets: Top Tips to keep taking your pet on the road

Many people who want to try out RV life have one big reservation: their pets. Can you really take your furry friend on the road with you for weeks or months at a time? Luckily, our answer is YES! With just a little bit of forethought and planning, you can absolutely embrace RV travel with the whole family, pets included. Here are our top tips for taking your pet on the road:

  1. Plan to stop more than you would otherwise. At least in the beginning of the trip, you’ll want to make extra stops so your pet can relieve themselves and get some steps in! Honestly, this is a good idea for humans, too!
  2. Keep your pet safe. We recommend bringing a crate if your pet is crate trained so that your pet is comfortable and secure on the road. You can also purchase an attachment to your pet’s harness that secures into the seatbelt, so they have some room to roam but will be safe in the event of an accident or in stopping short.
  3. Bring along your pet’s bed and a few of their favorite toys. Everyone wants to have some of their favorite things along for the ride, even your furry friend! These items have likely absorbed the smells of your home, which will be especially comforting to your pet on the road. It will make them feel more settled and comfortable on the journey.
  4. Select your RV Parks carefully. We would recommend always looking for an RV park that has a dog park to give your pets some much-needed time to roam and socialize when you’re not driving. We love our dog park at Yacht Haven; it’s one of our favorite features!
  5. Make sure you have enough – more than enough, even – food and water for your pet. Tap water can vary from place to place, so a pro tip is to bring a few large jugs of the water your dog is used to from home.
  6. Get your pet checked out at the vet before beginning your journey, and always be aware of the closest animal hospital to your current RV park in the case of an emergency.

So happy tails and happy trails! We know you and your pet are off to a great adventure.

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